Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Clay play!" Do you remember the first time you got to play with clay? The cool, slippery, soft, sticky texture or the earthy smell? After our discussion about Earth, rocks, and dirt we learned that clay is part of our planet too. Watching the students create and experiment with clay was so much fun! Here are some of their creations.
"It's not a sculpture, it's a giant and this is it's backpack and it's going to school." "I made a cat with legs and now I rolled up my cat and I made a statue."
"It's a chocolate stingray!"
"It's a candy and it tastes kind of good and it's really good and it has a head and it has zero legs and it tastes very good." They loved to play with clay!
As we near the end of our year together, PreK is playing cooperatively and really expanding their creativity. Here are a series of photos I captured while a group worked on a structure with cardboard bricks. Notice how they add cones, toys, and even a pillow! Also notice their faces as they express reactions to each phase of building.
After all our work and play, sometimes we just want to sit with friends and smile. See you next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May flowers bring.....more preschool fun!
The children have loved playing with and testing our new Kodo Kids water pump works. This purchase was made thanks to Giving Tree donations. The staff and I are grateful for your generosity!
We continued our stacking practice using pennies. After stacking lots of pennies, we lined them up, forming sidewalks and bridges to 'visit' out friends across the table.
Feather painting with liquid water colors was a fun and messy activity. The children spent the morning with water color 'freckles' on their faces and hands and arms. The resulting artwork was beautiful, a very different look than using paint brushes.
What do you get when you add water beads to our Marble Works set? You get an opportunity to combine fun activities and lots of practicing using science vocabulary (predict, test, conclude)...learning through play!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Caterpillars & Friendships

This month in the Toddler classroom we are exploring Eric Carle’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! We are learning the story sequence, as well as, how to paint like him too! An added bonus to learning about this book is that our caterpillars in the garden are going through their life cycle too! It has been very exciting to observe. The Toddlers continue to enjoy being with each other and exploring new things together like the school’s new water pump! Friendships are special in our class and it has been exciting to see their social and emotional skills in bloom and all of their personalities shine! Needless to say, school is so much fun!

Monday, April 30, 2018

April showers bring May flowers......and fun activities in our classroom
The children are adept at stacking blocks and unifix cubes to dizzying heights. Sometimes they need to step onto a chair to add 'just one more' to the stack before there's an 'epic fall', just like the fate of Seuss' Yertle the Turtle. I offered plastic buttons for a change- of-pace stacking challenge. They persisted to create button towers, a fun engineering feat.
Ladder builders construction was popular in our class. The children connected and stacked and created unique structures.
Mixing paint colors is a satisfying activity.....we've mixed primary colors to make secondary colors and recently added white paint to colors to make pastel or light colors.The children were excited to make light green, light red, light purple, etc.
Random outside pictures....sometimes the children are moving so fast it's hard to capture a clear shot