Sunday, October 15, 2017

PreK is busy, busy, busy and we've only just begun the year!  In September we worked on foundational skills such as cutting, number recognition, and sorting by color or shape.  We cooked a batch of play dough and mixed up a putty concoction.  Our Monarch caterpillars were the highlight as we observed them growing in each stage of the life cycle.  There is much more in store for us to learn and practice this year.   I am so excited for our adventure together in PreK!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The three year old class has had a wonderful start to the new year.  We've become familiar with our daily routine, met new friends and enjoyed our mornings together.

One of our students gave us monarch caterpillars to observe.  We watched them eat lots of milkweed, escape from their habitat (my fault, I forgot to close their roof at the end of the day) be returned to their habitat and complete metamorphosis.  On Friday, we witnessed two butterflies emerge from the chrysalides!!!    

We did science...baking soda plus vinegar = bubbles and giggles.

The children took good care of the babies in the Courtyard.  Dramatic play is an important part of our day.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Highlights from the toddler class,

The toddler class is off to a great start of the year! We are exploring the "work" and play materials both inside and outside, getting to know one another, and feeling comfortable in our new school routine. Thank you, parents, for helping with the transition of your very young children to school. It is wonderful to start the year working together!