Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gobble, gobble from these PreK turkeys!

Here are the Monday students getting silly for a class photo.  They weren't the only turkeys at Grandmother's House though.  We had a fun fine motor activity of adding beads to pipe cleaners to create feathers for our fine turkey friends.  Turkeys, cornucopias, feasts, and time with family were the topics of discussion in November.  

There were several interesting items filling our sensory tray in November.  First there were water beads, then birdseed with leaves, and finally cloud dough (mixture of flour and baby oil.)  

The easel isn't just for painting;  if you cover it with contact paper you create a sticky surface for endless fun.  I placed a page behind the paper to encourage sorting by color (horizontally) and by shape (vertically.)

We even used it for tangrams!

In our outside play we washed dishes, played with puppets, and experimented with rain gutters in the sandbox.  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Jingle all the way!

The children have been busy with block building, train play, dinosaur dramatic play in the Courtyard and developing sweet friendships.  They love using egg shakers, rhythm sticks and especially love jingle bells!

We've been discussing geography, and examining a world map and a globe.  The children are becoming familiar with Washington and Colorado because two of our classmates will be moving this month.  We have loved them and will miss them so much.  Our class eats snack in the Courtyard and we often observe contrails in the sky above us.  The children reassure each other that we'll remember these special friends when we observe 'the lines in the sky'.  "Maybe that's our friend's plane going to Washington!"

I've seen impressive growth in my students' willingness to engage in social problem solving.  They are more willing to practice taking turns, help each other assemble 'hard' puzzles and offer a favorite toy to a friend.  This is a wonderful group of children and I'm enjoying their enthusiasm with all things preschool. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fall Toddler Fun

Inspired by Fall

During November, the Toddler Class engaged in some fun fall-inspired activities. We made autumn leaf crowns, worked together to decorate a large grapevine wreath for the classroom and used autumn colors when making fold-over paint art. We talked about symmetry, colors and, of course, Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 27, 2017

October in PreK

It was a spook-tacular October in PreK!

We experimented with art by mixing paint with our feet, rubbing crayons over leaves to make prints, and gluing white cotton ball ghosts.  Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin spice play dough and of course the opportunity to hammer golf tees in our pumpkin.

Our visit to the apple orchard was tons of fun too!  We loved tasting the juicy apples and the sweet honey.  

The special snack for our Halloween celebration was fresh, homemade applesauce.  Everyone was invited to use the apple corer machine for our applesauce.  The recipe was very easy, the only ingredient was apples!

PreK students are growing and changing everyday.  It's so fun to capture their joy, their friendships, and their pride when they've worked so hard on something.  Lots more is in store for us in November!