Wednesday, October 24, 2012

we enjoy sensory play

'Sensory play is really part of the scientific process.  Whether out loud or within the internal dialogue of the mind, children have developed a question, leading them to investigate- by grabbing, smelling, listening, rubbing, staring, licking , what have you!  They are using their senses to collect data and from that, attempt to answer their own questions.  Whether or not young children are always able to verbally communicate this process, it is still a valid exercise in scientific inquiry.'

 -Amanda Morgan, 
A Handful of Fun, Why Sensory Play is Important to Preschoolers  

This is what sensory play looked like in our classroom last week.   
 What child can resist a tray piled high with shaving cream? 
 Or slippery paper with tempera paint...
 or cloud dough (4 cups flour, 1/2 cup vegetable oil)    

What you don't see are photos of the cleanup, because it takes every adult hand to guide the process, to provide the water and towels, to open the door to the courtyard for brushing off the cloud dough or to sweep up copious amounts of bird seed.  

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