Monday, January 21, 2013

Pauly the Polar Bear visits!

Our friend Pauly the Polar Bear first visited the class this week by leaving tracks all around the room. The children took delight in collecting his tracks and finding numbers behind each one. We shouted out the numbers as we placed the tracks into Pauly's box. 
After we collected Pauly's tracks we sat down to practice our dipping skills by gluing cotton balls onto polar bear-shaped paper. It's a sticky task but the children were more than up for it.
The next day, Pauly whispered into my ear during circle time how hungry he was. So the children went fishing for his breakfast. We discussed the colors of the fish and the letters they found underneath each one. The children couldn't wait to feed their fish to Pauly. Each time Pauly whispers in my ear the Toddlers are on the edge of their seats to hear what Pauly has to say. 
We are practicing letter, number and color recognition and having so much fun! Truly an example of learning through play! Yay for Pauly the Polar Bear! 

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