Friday, January 25, 2013

tiny tortillas

Tortillas are a fun and easy way to bring a multi-cultural food into the classroom. One of our parents (who lived in Mexico) volunteered to help us make our very own tortillas. We used dough from Food For Less that was already mixed and prepared. The first step was for the students to pat their dough into circles. We sang a little song while we patted, squished, and smooshed the dough. 

The next step was too cook them in the skillet until lightly browned. 

As an addition to our warm, homemade tortillas we mashed avocado (provided by another student from the tree at their house.) 

What a delicious way to learn about Mexico and the food eaten there! We also read the book Tiny Tortilla. It is an imaginative tale of a boy and a magical tortilla. We learned wonderful new vocabulary in Spanish too!

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