Wednesday, January 30, 2013

trains and tigers...oh my!

Watching my Friday class playing in the Courtyard, I observed very distinct types of play. The boys gravitated to the trains and set to work laying out their tracks and connecting their trains. There was no discussion about their individual or collective plan for their play. There was unspoken cooperation as they played in the same space. They had work to do! 

Contrast that with the play that the girls engaged in. They discussed the 'chase' game they were involved in. Each child contributed ideas about what they were running from (a tiger). They ran from one end of the Courtyard to the other, breathlessly imagining the consequence of being caught by a tiger. The girls used language to sustain and expand the dramatic play. 

This division of the sexes doesn't happen all of the time, but it was a reminder to me that boys and girls are wired differently. They each posses special gifts and abilities. I appreciate the work our assistants do to create an outside environment that appeals to each child, from a young two year old girl to a veteran five year old boy. Mrs. R and Mrs. J provide the tools that spark imaginative, creative play.

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