Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A furry visitor to our classroom!

One of our students was asked to 'guinea pig' sit for a friend. She was so excited about this responsibility and asked if she could share her good fortune with the class. Last Tuesday, Guinea, the guinea pig joined us for the morning. He arrived in a big cage with plenty of lettuce carrots and pellets. The children were enchanted by his every move....especially his failed attempt to leap to the upper level of the cage. He awkwardly fell down as one of the students remarked "he can do gymnastics!"

We discussed how guinea pigs prefer to be touched. Gently stroke his back using two fingers and no touching his eyes or mouth, because he might bite! This last bit of advice came from the student who shared Guinea with us. I suspect she had some experience with this. 

The children delighted in holding him, petting him and watching him power through the carrots and lettuce. He made cute squeaking sounds when he was content and when he was nervous. He weathered the morning at preschool unscathed and we had fun practice treating an animal with gentleness and respect. 

This last photo cracks me up...apparently one of the 'fun facts' we discussed was especially amazing!

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