Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gardening in the three year old class

We've been talking about the life cycle of plants....soil, seeds, roots, sprouts, and leaves. The children love to dig in the soil and watch our strawberry plants produce flowers and fruit. 

As part of this theme, I taught them the 'Garden Song'...

Step by step, and row by row. 
 We're gonna make our garden grow. 
All we need is a rake and a hoe 
and a plot of fertile soil. 

To demonstrate what 'fertile soil' is, I brought organic matter and worms from my home worm bin to school. Wiggly worms translated into giggly children as they held and observed their movements. Crumbly, worm filled dirt means fertile soil in preschool language. 

The children planted seeds in our class green house and eagerly checked the progress daily. Inititally, it looked like we were growing a field of colored popsicle sticks.

There was lots of excitement when the first seeds germinated and pushed their way through the soil. We have beans, sugar snap peas and sunflowers growing. 

We hope to transplant the seedlings to our outdoor raised planter and harvest some healthy and tasty treats!

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