Friday, March 15, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

Here are some snapshots of activities from the last week. Everyone finished their "Weather Word Books" made with watercolor paintings and handwriting of common weather (sun, rain, cloud, rainbow.) There was a spray bottle available at the easel to simulate rain on a creation. The first few days I had pieces of chalk available for drawing then spraying. Next I switched to markers with the spray bottle. Using a spray bottle is challenging but the result of dripping colors is exciting. 

One of our students was very enthusiastic about the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. I incorporated his interest by offering shamrocks to cut out and we also made leprechaun hats to wear. Here is our bulletin board showcasing both the weather theme and the holiday theme.

Lastly, here is an easy and fun way to help your child with eye-hand coordination, matching, and fine motor refinement- I placed a few bolts of varying sizes and their corresponding nuts on a tray. Offering an everyday, real-life activity like this one, create a learning experience that is tangible and meaningful.     

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