Friday, March 1, 2013

Healthy kids are happy kids!

One of February's themes was health and wellness. We learned that children have 20 baby teeth and later grow 32 adult teeth. Talking about the tooth fairy, the dentist, and losing teeth was a riveting topic for days. The children enjoyed listening to Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch Mrs. Jessica read it to the children but you can listen to it as told by Robert Munsch himself right here). Students got to glue 20 "teeth" (packing peanuts) on a paper mouth. The variety and technique of counting was really fun to watch.

This activity became a science experiment when we saw some static cling in action! 

While on our healthy kick, we talked a lot about healthy foods and nutrition. The children chopped some pretend healthy fruits and vegetables and organized the items for the Food Guide Pyramid. During snack and lunch, we continued our discussion by talking about the healthy foods we were eating. We even took count of how many children preferred apples to pineapples and vice versa! 

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