Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lions and TIGERS! and Zebras....Oh my!

The children and I are in the midst of a jungle theme....they are familiar with many animals that inhabit a jungle or rain forest, and know that the animals hide in the vegetation, using their striking markings as camouflage. The creative art activity I planned was open-ended, children were successful with this project at whatever developmental stage they were in. 

The children first examined different photos of tigers and their markings and I invited them to 'design' their own tiger. I provided orange and black construction paper shapes, (small, medium and large squares and rectangles), scissors to cut the shapes into stripes, ears, eyes, legs and tails, and glue to affix the shapes to background paper. For some of the students, this activity was all about the glue....squeezing the glue bottle dry onto their paper. For others, it was about cutting and 'fringing' their paper shapes, not necessarily needing to glue these shapes to paper. And a number of students composed their design, manipulating the paper to match their vision, creating preschool tigers! 

The song that accompanied this unit is sung to the tune, Do You Know the Muffin Man....? 

Do you know the slimy snake, the slimy snake, the slimy snake? 
Do you know the slimy snake, that lives deep in the jungle 
Do you know the fierce tiger...the wildebeest, the funny monkey etc. I ask the children for suggestions, and they offer numerous animal names, demonstrating their knowledge of our animal kingdom.

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