Wednesday, April 3, 2013

After the rain, comes the Rainbow!

One of the duties that our helper leader performs is to check the weather and report back to the group at Circle Time. We sing this song as the leader peers out the window, scanning the sky for an accurate description: 

What's the weather like today? Look outside, can you say? 
Warm and sunny, cloudy grey, what's the weather? 
(sung to the London Bridges tune) 

We did a unit on weather and a popular topic was the hope and happiness of rainbows. The children learned that the color order is ROYGBIV and loved the new vocabulary for blue (indigo) and purple (violet). 
They set to work to make their own rainbows with many different art media. The paper strips and glue activity produced some beautiful and unique pieces of art. Don't you agree? 


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