Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day 2013

As we prepared to celebrate Earth Day, the children and I  discussed different things that we could do to care for our planet.  The children suggested we could plant a tree, pick up trash and keep 'bad' things from going into rivers and streams.  These were the most 'on topic' suggestions  I'll spare you the details of some of the ramblings...they were earnest ideas, but indicated that I did not do as good a job of teaching this mini unit as I had thought.  
We have done a number of creative art activities about the Earth and Planets, from painting at the easel to our paper mache planets.  For this week's activity, we did balloon painting.  The children dipped inflated balloons in a number of pastel colors and tapped their balloons on to big circles.  Some students opted to use every color available, while others chose to use one color.  For some of the students this was a sensory activity, sliding painted hands over the slippery balloons.  The results were quite striking, don't you think? 

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