Friday, April 5, 2013

Here's a Joyful Noise From PreK

One of my favorite ways to teach about Earth Day is to incorporate used household items in our play. We first discuss what recycling is and what belongs in recycling. Having a garbage bin plus a recycling bin in our class are easy ways to teach children about reducing waste.
When I found the instructions for homemade kazoos I knew it would be a fun new project for the class and an excellent lesson in reusing something around the house. After we named each of the kazoo components (toilet paper tube, square of wax paper, and a rubber band) I then encouraged the students to work on their own and/or help a partner to construct their instrument. The variety of sounds from each kazoo was really neat! The students would put their hands over the covered end of the kazoo to feel the vibration on the wax paper. They practiced making sounds like "Doo, doo, loo, loo" to see which range of sounds made their kazoo vibrate more or less. It was a lot of noise but more important, it was a lot of fun!

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