Friday, April 19, 2013

Shake! Rattle! Roll!

Well, the windy weather the last week sure has had PreK in a bustle! We are continuing to monitor and observe our caterpillars as they grow larger and larger. We started a paper chain to help us keep track of how many days they are caterpillars and once the chrysalis forms we will track those days as well. 

We have been learning about the importance of caring for our Earth as Earth Day approaches. I modified our typical golf-ball painting creations, by adding puffs of shaving cream, in hopes of a 3-D effect. For this activity the students lay paper in the bottom of a shallow box (you can do this at home but instead use a plastic tupperware container and a lid helps) then squirt drops of paint on the paper, drop in a golf ball (or two) or use marbles. As the students tilt and angle the box the balls will roll around creating a fabulous track. It was much harder to roll through shaving cream but it was a fun challenge, and only a few balls escaped the box. 

 In addition to that we've kept up with tried and true PreK activities. Building with blocks, twisting with pipe cleaners, and experimenting with ways to mix color. It's been a busy week! 

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