Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've got the beat!

 Music with Miss Melissa is a high point to our week. She weaves familiar songs and activities with new material...a good balance for developing mastery and for exposure to new information. 


 This week she brought her big drum. There were 20 hands tapping and patting rhythms that sounded like raindrops (musical term 'piano') or like thunder (musical term 'forte'). The children have learned to follow her cues and respond appropriately. Forte definitely outpaces piano for the Thursday group. 


Miss Melissa also brought her rhythm sticks. We tap out quarter notes and half notes and also got to choose creative ways to use the rhythm sticks. A favorite suggestion from the children is to use the sticks as if they were a violin and a bow. I wonder if we have a budding Itzhak Perlman or Sarah Chang among us!

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