Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boil me some pasta, nice and hot!

Sensory play is very popular in our classroom.  The children delight in exploring the different properties of the material I select.  Occasionally, I'll pair the sensory material with a book or story.  I read Strega Nona, by Tomi de Paolo to the children.  It's a fun story about a magic pasta pot.  I filled our sensory bin with cooked pasta and watched the fun begin!  
Tentative at first, many children poked at the noodles,  then stretched them and finally scooped them up by the handful.  The vocabulary used (it's sticky, stretchy, slimy and smelly) and the cooperation needed to share the space resulted in a wonderful extension to the literature.

This last picture shows an Otter Pop fest....the children look forward to this special (but infrequent) treat when the weather's hot....93 degrees!

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