Friday, May 31, 2013

Bubble Trouble!

Normally blowing bubbles with a drinking straw is considered impolite, but when we do it in preschool it's for fun! Last week we learned how a bubble forms (trapped air) and the class filled the table with bubble mountains. This week I added liquid watercolor to the bubble mixture. When the cups were brimming with bubbles, we pressed a paper down over them to catch the colored bubbles. Then a beautiful marbled print is what appears!

The students found countless ways to attack this activity. Some laid the paper under the cup and let the bubbles overflow onto the page. Some students wrapped the paper around the cup and caught the bubbles as they crept over the edge. Some poured their paint mixture on the tray and made huge bubbles there. If you would like to try this at home it's a simple as using a liquid dishwashing detergent (we use Dawn,) some water with tempera paint mixed in or some drops of liquid watercolor (food coloring might work too.) Place the bubble mixture into almost any container (a bowl, a cup, a pie pan, etc.) and give your child a straw to blow into the mixture. Have some paper ready to set on top of the expanding bubbles, and that's it!

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