Friday, May 17, 2013

Sink or Float?

We are diving into water and science exploration this month in PreK.  We started the week with an experiment involving objects that sink or float. The setup is simple, but the process is engaging and it allowed students to practice the important steps in the scientific process: predicting, making a hypothesis, experimenting, and drawing conclusions.  In our "science journal" books we drew a picture of a classroom item, made a prediction, and dropped the item into the water to test.  Then we wrote our conclusion, did it sink? or float? or float then sink?

The pieces we experimented with were odds and ends from around the classroom like a puff ball, a button, a wood piece, an acorn seed, a marble, a plastic cube, and beads. 

Students loved it when their predictions were correct, but they were equally excited when they were surprised by the outcome!

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