Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Solid, liquid, gas.....exciting discoveries!

We are in the midst of some fun science experimentation.  I introduced the different properties of water.  First, I brought in a pint container with a  brick of ice.  The children knew that when it melted, it would become a liquid.  They were excited when I put the ice into our hot skillet, watching it melt to become a liquid.  I continued heating the water so that the liquid disappeared and changed into a gas.  The children called it steam, smoke and vapor.

Next, I brought in a 10 pound block of ice.  One of the students remembered that sprinkling salt on ice causes it to melt faster.  Armed with cups of salt, we liberally sprinkled the block of ice, listening to the tinkles and cracking sounds as it started to melt.  I provided cups of liquid water colors and eye droppers so the children could add colorful rivers through the cracks, chasms and crevices created by the salt.  This was a very popular activity!

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