Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This, that and a little more

Playing games in the classroom is a fun way to learn to take turns.  I showed the children the basics of Connect 4.  The strategy is to line up 4 of the same colored coins, without getting blocked by your opponent. There was a lot of conversation about quantity, comparisons, observations and some creative patterns evident as they played.  But strategy?  Not so much!

In the Courtyard, one of the students found a very lazy bee.  Cautiously, her friends joined her and they followed the bee as it meandered over to the bushes by the stone wall.  They looked with all their might to see where it was hiding, but alas (and to my great relief) the bee was well hidden and did not surprise us with a sting.

The children love constructing with our giant waffle blocks.  This group of children worked cooperatively to create a dog house complete with preschool inhabitants. 

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