Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outside and Inside

As the weather heated up last week, the children found the coolest place to play was a corner of the sandbox.  They dug trenches and moats, then filled them with lots of water.  Buckets and shovels were shared, and flowers and leaves were added to the banks of the river.  It was evocative of being at the beach...drip castles and splashes, giggling children and bare feet.

Inside the classroom, we did a mini unit on weight and balance, heavy and light.  I provided balancing scales and play dough balls.  With Mrs. Ronda's support, the children estimated what combination of balls would make the scale balance, then engaged in some trial and error fun to observe the scale dip dramatically to one side, then the other.

I also brought back our parquet blocks.  The children have composed some pretty cool designs, and I delighted in listening to their dialogue....'could you hand me one more trapezoid?' and 'look! these triangles make a diamond!'.

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