Friday, June 7, 2013

Squishy Worms and Classical Tunes

Prek has been having so much fun with water experiments this month that I brought in one last item for us to explore. I've read on other teacher blogs about putting gummy worms into a water tray and observing them "grow" as they saturate with water. I knew the class would love playing with (and tasting) a gummy worm candy so we did it. Unfortunately, the end result wasn't what I expected, instead of "growing" the worms began to lose there dye coloring and get very fragile (that was our new vocabulary word.) By the end of the day the class loved pulling them apart and squeezing the worms between their fingers. Alas it was still a fun end to an interesting experiment!

Our creative work for the week was also inspired by a blog post I found. I call it Musical Painting because much like the game Musical Chairs, when the music stops each student moves around the table to a new paper and continues the creation started there by the previous person. I played a classical music CD of various artists and asked questions about each song to promote conversation and keen listening. Some discussions we had were, "What instruments do you hear? How does this music make you feel? What does this music make you want to do?" I included a picture of our bulletin board with a few paintings and our CD-Rainbow Fish creations.

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