Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Fall!

We welcomed Fall with breezy, blustery wind. Windy days are a little unsettling, and children's behavior follows suit. I tried to harness this energy by presenting a mini unit on wind. To test our 'fun fact' that wind is moving air, we blew lots of air through straws, creating mounds and mounds of bubbles. The children giggled as their bubbles rose to the top of their cups, then overflowed onto their trays. Bubbles were on their noses, their chins, their hair and for a few unfortunate children, in their mouth. We offered drinks of water to clear their palates.

The children delight in sorting activities, so I offered our counting bears for practice. The bears were sorted by color and size, counted, then combined into family units. They also made a cool sound when scrambled together on the table!


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