Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Children Came 2 by 2

As the children play, they often pair up at the different activities. Developmentally, they're moving through the various stages of play that you'll see in a typical three and four year old class.

Solitary play, where the child is alone and maintains this status by being focused on his or her activity.

Onlooker play, when the child watches others at play but does not engage in it. The child may engage in forms of social interaction, such as conversation about the play, without actually joining in the activity.

Parallel play, when the child plays separately from others but close to them and mimicking their actions. This type of play is seen as a transitory stage moving towards a more socially mature associative and cooperative type of play.

Fine Motor Skill Practice

The children used tweezers to remove seeds from a huge sunflower head. This required strong fingers and hands, and was a very popular activity in our classroom.    

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