Friday, October 25, 2013

What happens when...?

This week we found out how a creation changes with a few sprays from a water bottle.  At the start of the week the students used chalk on paper to make pictures or designs then watched as their lines blurred and ran together. It is a cool technique and at the same time squeezing  the spray bottle builds fine motor skills and finger muscles.  

Midweek I put markers at the easel so students could experiment, which colors streak and run faster, chalk or marker? Which colors are brighter, chalk or marker?  We were all surprised by how the water mixed and changed the creations on the paper.  In the end, the spraying was the favorite part of this activity.    

Our weather this week has gotten cooler and it really feels like autumn has arrived.  One thing that never changes is the joy and exuberance that PreK has for play!  Here are a few photos from our time outdoors, enjoying fresh air, sand, and time with friends.  

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