Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Community Helpers and Cooperative Play

This week we focused on community helpers and cooperative play.
We jumped right into learning about firefighters and fire safety. (We even had a practice fire drill coincidentally.)

For art we discussed what fire looked like and felt like. We created our own flames with cars and paint.   

We also learned about the mailman and how mail gets from one place to another. We even got to design our own letters to put in our “mailbox.”
Cooperative play! Our new peg boards sparked critical thinking in duplicating patterns, counting pegs and even stacking.

After creating three color patterns with her pegs, she asked me if she could build a tower. I exclaimed with joy, “Of course! I can’t wait to see how tall you are going to build it!” She started counting random pegs as she built upwards. Another student came over and asked if he could build with her. She said “ You can build and I can stack.” Quickly the other student started searching the floor for pegs. I noticed he was choosing only red and orange pegs and asked him what he was doing. He told me, “ I am making a pattern and stacking and building.” The two friends built their tower three times, each handing each other pegs and counting out loud. I sat back and watched the special moment and listened as they both shouted “TIMBERRRRRR” at the same time.
Check out our turkeys! We talked about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. We shared common lists: Mom and Dad, Grandparents, animals, toys and school. Someone even said turkey!

Goop!!! (cornstarch +water) = an amazing, messy time. We added food coloring and watched what happened when blue and yellow mixed.

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