Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall is finally here!

The toddler room has been exploring all five of their senses through fall themed activities. 

Pumpkin felt boards allowed the children to create and re create again and again their favorite pumpkin face. We would talk about emotions (happy, sad, angry) 

Scooping, smelling, tasting our pumpkin seeds. Some children chose to watch from a distance as we pulled the slimy goo out but others decided to jump right in. 

We practiced scooping, pouring, dumping and separating. A couple children were able to make two color patterns with the unifix cubes and plastic apples. This was also a great activity to encourage use of fine motor skills! 

Sensory bags! We took the pumpkin seeds and gooey insides and made sparkly sensory bags with glitter, foam letters and hair gel. 

This turkey song helped us "count backwards"

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