Friday, November 22, 2013

Gobble, gobble

In preparation of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I have been asking the students what they know about the day.  Why do we celebrate?  Who was involved in the first Thanksgiving?  My hope is that I've given them new and accurate information about where the Pilgrims came from, how they arrived in America, who was already living here (the Wampanoags), and how they were able to work together.  A book that helped in our learning can be found at the SLO library and is titled, "Giving Thanks: the 1621 Harvest Feast" by Kate Waters.  This book uses photographs of people reenacting the first Thanksgiving as it may have happened.  We were able to compare and contrast the clothes and the lifestyle of Pilgrims and Wampanoags.  

Knowing how much kids love to soak up facts, we continued our Thanksgiving themed learning with some turkey trivia.  Did you know that the red, fleshy growth under the turkey chin is called a wattle? And the red skin that grows over the beak is called a snood.  Male turkeys are called "Tom Turkeys" and females are called "hens."  Take a look at the fantastic turkeys that PreK created!  

This was a fun craft but it took a lot of patience and careful work to put it all together.  The first step was for the students to choose the three colors they wanted for their hand "feathers."  After I traced their hand print it was up to them to cut the print out.  There were several accidents and snips of paper fingers so problem solving was key.  Using tape and staples to repair the hand print then deciding how to attach the print to the toilet paper roll were the next steps.  After that, it was about carefully gluing on the eyes, beak, and wattle.  Fine motor skills, focus and attention, and patience were needed, and in the end, each student was proud to show off their very own turkey.  

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