Friday, November 15, 2013

Occupational Play

So many important jobs and duties in our community and so little time for us to try our hand at each occupation.  This week we enjoyed imaginary play, a sensory area, and a science experiment to help us understand some community helpers.  The students came up with their own list of "Jobs that people do" and we're adding to it every day.  

Thanks to one of our parents for donating real bandages so we could wrap broken limbs.  We drew our own x-ray pictures and administered some shots too.  This dramatic play teaches on many levels; it bridges real experiences at a doctor office to imagined experiences.  It takes some fear out of the idea of a doctor when students can touch real tools and items like bandages.  It also encourages empathy and caring for others as we provide them with pretend medicine and send them off when they are "all better."

The bakers sifted flour and made up recipes for cakes and cookies.  Ingredients they named were eggs, milk, and chocolate chips, yum!

We learned that we are all scientists because we ask questions like, "What if...?"  This week we found out what happens when we use eye droppers to mix colored water.

Last of all, we played with Marbleworks, a favorite toy at school.  Marbleworks is made by Discovery Toys and is explained as "colorful tubes, chutes and bases that connect together in different ways to create an infinite number of raceway configurations. As the marbles speed through the course, children learn about the laws of gravity, object permanence and cause and effect."  

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