Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In honor of Halloween, we did a quick unit on spiders.  First, I read Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider.  The text is repetitive, and the children were able to 'read' along with me.  The accompanying art activity resulted in beautiful, unique spider webs.  The children mixed white paint, a touch of glue and water, using a coffee stir stick.  Next they immersed a strand of yarn in their concoction, then dragged the yarn across black paper.  To get the best affect the children used big sweeping motions to fill their papers from side to side.  

The children discovered rubber bugs in the colored rice sensory tray.  They delighted in burying them under the rice, then unearthed them with tongs (good fine motor skill practice).  They sorted the bugs by type and color, (classification), and scooped handfuls of rice before watching the kernels cascade into the sensory tray.  

One of my students loves to line up our cones, creating a barrier so that bikes, cars and shopping carts can't cross from one side of the Courtyard to the other.  This was A BIG PROBLEM, so I helped guide the children to negotiate a solution.  The students agreed that a curved line of cones supported the idea of a barrier, while creating a narrow pathway for safe, win for everyone!

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