Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The worms crawl in...

We're preparing to plant our winter garden.  The children have learned that worms help make healthy soil, so our garden box needed some of the wiggly critters.  I brought some worms and organic material from my worm bin and encouraged the children to explore.  Some of the children really loved this activity, while others observed from a safe distance.  

I provided a mortar and pestle and some rosemary sprigs, and a parent gave us some mint sprigs.  The children stripped the sprigs of their leaves, then added them to the mortar.  They used the pestle to crush the leaves...the aroma permeated the classroom!

The children love playing with shaving cream.  They squeeze it through their fingers, rub it on their forearms and spread it all over the tables.  Often, they make purposeful marks with their fingers...shapes, letters, symbols, then erase them with a sweep of their hands and start all over again.  This is a fun pre-writing activity, that engages many of their senses.

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