Monday, November 25, 2013

Toddler News

This week was dedicated to numbers, shapes, colors and pattern recognition. We used our "listening ears" to follow two step directions to create lots of activities.

We used shaving cream to draw shape patterns with our fingers. We also wrote numbers and letters in the shaving cream. Some of our friends were even able to recognize letters upside down! 

We created fun music shakers out of toilet paper rolls, paint, tape, bells and beans. We talked about "deep" sounding pitches(beans) and high sounding pitches(bells). We made a pretty awesome band! 

Look at our mess free sensory bags! This was an awesome way to practice using our fine motor skills! We mixed the paint by kneading the bag with our fingers, then took turns tracing each others name into the paint. This activity sparked conversation about different colors and recognizing familiar letters. 

Check out our i spy water table! Just like the I Spy books we are all familiar with, I created a table which the children had to find or count specific objects. This activity seemed to be one of the children's favorites!

Thanksgiving wreaths! We took our hand prints and decorated paper plates for a unique Thanksgiving decoration. This activity went along with our holiday themed Thanksgiving books about family and tradition. 

We used our "listening ears" to follow specific directions for our shape and number game. At first the children were told to put their insect on: EXAMPLE " put your insect on the yellow square" then, I continued to say "put your insect on the square that is NOT THE COLOR BLUE" and finally I gave the children individual numbers 1-3 and told them "put the number 2 on the purple hexagon." This game needed a lot brain power! I was very proud of our toddlers for being so dedicated to this game. 

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