Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zigzags and Curly Cues

I always have a writing area available to the children.  Some of the children spend a lot of time there, drawing with markers, crayons or pencils, while others make a few marks on paper, then move on.

I find that more children will sustain their interest in an activity if it's presented in a new way or in a different location.  Last week, we spread out on the carpet to do some work.  The children chose markers and large sheets of paper to make purposeful marks on their paper while listening to the story, Little Green. Little Green is a hummingbird who flies about making zigzags, curly cues, and curvy lines through the air.  The artwork created by the children was very beautiful!

We continued our study of spiders by making play dough and pipe cleaner spiders.  Though the children enjoyed assembling their spiders, their favorite part of the activity was using the spider stamp and ink pad to decorate their paper. *** Note to self...must create a 'stamping table' to support this interest.  

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