Friday, December 6, 2013

With hearts full of thanks

I hope you all enjoyed a happy holiday weekend with family or friends.  I wanted to share with you what the PreK students are thankful for at this time of year.  A fun way to record their thoughts and ideas was by writing on feathers that we added to our bulletin board turkey.  

The process (which in preschool is always more important than the final product) was several steps long.  The first step was to listen and answer the question.  Then, using colored pencils, to decorate or color the feather.  Last was to cut out the feather and choose a spot on the turkey to attach it.  

This exercise was interesting in that students gave a variety of answers and it spurred conversation about how lucky we all are to have so many wonderful things in our lives.  We talked about those less fortunate and ways that we can help others.  Our class understands compassion and being thankful, and for this, I am a thankful teacher.  Here are their answers.

"I am thankful for..."  by PreK
My little dog toy
My favorite food persimmons
Mama buying me a new dolly
Meatballs and my house and my new airplane
Food and DD and my house
My brother
Pancakes and milk
My family
My mom and dad and brother and auntie and love
My sister
Love and friends and birthday
My cousins and spending time with them
My cousins and having sleep overs and movie night with them
My new washing machine.

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