Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oranges, crackers and yogurt for sale!

Mrs. Ronda set up the GHCC Market last week.  The children engaged in pretend play, buying and selling grocery items, and raced through the courtyard with their shopping carts full of their purchases. 

 Why do we include pretend play as an important component to our curriculum?  Amanda Morgan, who holds a BA in both elementary and early childhood education and an MS in childhood development states, "Pretend play is a powerful tool in building and strengthening the powers of the human intellect.  It is a natural form of learning and developmental growth.  The fact that it often happens naturally, without a textbook or a flashcard series does not take away its value as an educational tool.  By promoting creative play we are not just validating the work of childhood, but we are promoting thought, language, and psycho-social health.  Add to that the fact that this type of play is self-motivated, natural, and enjoyable, and you have the recipe for a fabulous learning opportunity!"  

We also attempted to melt a huge block of ice...first by sprinkling salt, then by squirting colored water from eye droppers and pipettes and finally by pouring hot water over the top.  These methods created rough and smooth patches and tunnels and caves.  When it was quiet enough in the classroom, we heard the tinkling sound of the ice cracking and melting.  

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