Friday, January 24, 2014

Playing and learning, inside and out

With such beautiful weather here in SLO, we are taking full advantage of time outside.  Mrs. Ronda has set up some wonderful areas in the sandbox and the courtyard this week.  The large waffle blocks are a loved toy by PreK.  They can used to make castles, cat houses, rockets, and more.  Navigating play in this area means students are sharing ideas for what and how to build, they have to share materials, they have to problem solve when disagreements arise, and they use math skills to figure out how many blocks are needed for certain structures.  

We've also enjoyed "shopping" at the GHCC Market in the courtyard area.  With shopping carts, food boxes, grocery bags, money, and cash registers we we set to gather our items and pay for them.  I was able to buy fruit and cereal for $3.00, what a bargain! 

PreK has played and learned inside too.  We practiced cutting skills by cutting paper fringe for our Umber Umbrellabird headbands.  

We also counted to 15 for our Jerry Jellyfish tentacles.  I moved the painting easel out and the chalkboard easel in and PreK has spent the week counting and sorting letters and numbers.  

Who says play and work can't go hand in hand? 

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