Monday, January 20, 2014

Toddler News

Our ispy game was a great way to practice counting, color sorting, number and letter recognition. Everyone took an active part in searching for two objects off the list until we had found everything. This also helped exercise our fine motor skills (pinching fingers and using tongs)

Spray Art!!!

We had a blast making this beautiful artwork with only three tools! We hung a large piece of white paper onto the fence and used three different colored spray bottles to create this rainbow/firework effect. Check out how we used the primary colors to create new colors also. 

Yogurt Pops

We all took turns adding yogurt and strawberries to the bowl and mixed, mixed, mixed until the contents were creamy and smooth. We poured the yogurt into popsicle containers and ate them for snack underneath the hot sun. ...what a great day!!! 

We put some good toddler tunes on and out came the  inner dancer in all of us! We used ribbons, shakers, rain sticks and wooden sticks to create an amazing performance. " Stomp your feet to the beat, put your hands in the air, make your body move like the wind..." 

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