Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome Back!!

This week we were busy learning about winter animals and friendship. We jumped right in and began reading lots of animal stories and books about "winter" habitats.
During group time we created a "winter" list about animals and words that reminded us of winter.
Polar bear, penguin, snowy owl, seal, snowy fox were just a few that the toddlers came up with. Ice, cold, snow,  ice cream, fur, wet, snowflakes, water, igloo were some of the other describing words. 
Look at our winter sensory table! Each child got to add ice, water, food coloring and an animal to the table. We talked about the animals that could live in that type of habitat and which animals would not be able to live in that habitat and why, such as a cow or chicken.  

We are really big on team work and friendship in the toddler room. We practice using kind and "helpful" words when talking with our friends. I was pleasantly surprised and proud when the toddlers came up with this list on their own! They all had examples and stories about when they were being a good friend.


We practiced using tongs and clothespins to separate seeds and leaves from our bin. This was a way to practice fine motor skills! After separating the contents we talked about the different kinds of seeds and what type of plants or vegetables they came from. 

The alphabet seemed to be a really popular theme this week so we worked on letter recognition, sounds and matching letters to pictures. L for ladder, E for elephant...

Toilet paper art! This idea sparked when one of the students started making unique patterns and designs with the rolls. They wanted to create a specific picture so we talked about how many more circles we would need to complete the picture. We ended up taping series of rolls together to form groups 1-5. This was also a great way for kids to practice conversation and team work. 

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