Friday, January 17, 2014

Where did winter go?

Although the weather in SLO is anything but wintery, we are taking time in PreK to learn about characteristics of winter weather and how animals live in winter climates.  We started by learning about snowflakes and discovering that they grow in repeating patterns and form in 6 point formation.  Since I figured out how to make snow in the classroom, I introduced a very cool science experiment of making crystals.  There are three recipes and we tried them all.  You can try them at home too!  

We pretended to count "snowballs" (cotton balls) to practice our 1 to 1 correspondence.  Our fine motor skills have gotten a workout by pinching glitter for art work, pinching clothespins for the snowball game, and pinching pipettes in our ice and water table activity.  

This month PreK is learning 5 new letters and as we finish out the alphabet, we are putting our letter recognition to the test.  We have been working on matching upper and lower case letters, writing our names in both, and making the corresponding sound for letters.  This game also requires use of strong fine motor skills to attach the clothespin to the appropriate letter.  

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