Friday, January 31, 2014

Will you help me...tie my shoes, button my coat, zip this jacket?

When it comes to learning about dressing and self-sufficiency, practice is the best way to learn.  PreK has been working on manipulating the dressing frames in class.  There are several frames to teach how to maneuver buttons, snaps, laces, zips, and buckles.  

The purpose of this exercise is to build concentration and coordination of movement.  It also teaches students to be self-sufficient and independent.  PreK students are able to take off jackets and sweatshirts when needed, velcro shoes, and take off/put on socks.  Students will be tying laces in no time!

Another area we've focused on this week is number recognition.  Direction were to write both the numeral and the number word to reinforce letter and number awareness.  

I often marvel at the creative nature of my class,  what could be a boring slide becomes so much more to 4 and 5 year olds.  These students were having a contest seeing how many different ways they could go down or up the slide.  Very clever indeed!

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