Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrating with Love!

We exchanged valentine cards during circle time. Every one sat in a circle and took turns being the "delivery person/messenger". The children practiced giving receiving and using polite words with each other. The toddlers did such a FANTASTIC job with this.

Our valentine sensory table helped build language skills, fine motor skills and was fun. Every single day something was added or subtracted from the table depending on the children's interests. We used the words full and empty when talking about amounts of rice to fill containers.

We made our own incentive jar. Positive reinforcement encourages children to start to take responsibility for their actions and make better decisions. All the children got to help decorate the jar to distinguish it as the "reward jar". We then discussed the reward jar and outlined some of the behaviors that would result in earning a  marble. These behaviors could be sharing, listening ears, team work, gentle hands, etc. The class decided that once the jar was filled to the top they would like to be able to participate in a giant water fight.

check out our cool train action on the slides...

Check out our shadow puppets!!! We had a lot of fun creating funny animals, monsters and superheros. 

Over the last couple weeks I have remembered to document some of the quotes that the children have said. I thought I would start sharing every week so that we can remember how precious and amazing these kids are.

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