Friday, February 7, 2014

Don't Spill the Beans!

In PreK we play lots of games as a way to develop executive function in students.  Executive function governs our memory, our impulse control, our judgement, and our flexibility to transition from one activity to another.  Children with strengths in these functions will be able to remember what happened at the beginning of a story, not steal a toy from a classmate, and transition smoothly from playing at blocks to painting at the easel.  In PreK we build executive function when we play games like, Hi-Ho Cheerio!, Don't Spill The Beans!, and Simon Says.  

These games involve turn taking (impulse control), following rules (memory), and allowing others to join or leave the game and adjust accordingly (flexibility.)  Another area of development that PreK has been working on is their spatial awareness.  This means understanding the position of one's body in space, often in relation to objects or other people.  As spatial awarenss develops, kids have a better understanding of distance, direction, and location.    To practice these concepts we learned about the left side of our body and tried doing things like hopping on our left foot, waving our left arm, or walking to our left around a circle.  We also worked on tracking and following across a page from left to right (a necessary pre-reading foundation.)  

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