Monday, February 10, 2014

Fun in February!

This week we really focused on practicing our fine motor skills. We started with beading and moved onto lacing Valentine boxes. We also learned how to form paper chains. As we got more comfortable making the chains we started making patterns and counting the individual circles. 

Valentine's Boxes
We all participated in decorating Valentine boxes made from paper plates, pink paint, glitter and yarn. 

The word of the week was LOVE. I asked the children what did love look like? We talked about different forms in which we show love towards others, whether it be sharing a physical object with someone or doing a special act. The children also shared stories about special people in their lives and why they loved their family. 

New Songs:
Boa constrictor
Jenny Jenkins ( we are learning color words in Spanish) 

Teacher Quotes! Hip Hip Hooray!

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