Friday, February 14, 2014

Healthy and Happy Hearts

This month we've been learning about emotions and feelings.  As I read books during circle time, I ask the students to think critically about how the characters in the story feel and why they make certain choices.  Then we evaluate if that choice was appropriate or not and what the consequence might be for such a choice.  This time of discussion and reflection on literature helps students to name emotions that they might have and develop responses that are appropriate.  Since Valentine's day has been a popular topic in PreK we have spoken about showing love to our friends, family, pets, and even strangers.  On the Valentine's Day theme, students have enjoyed cutting out heart after heart after heart.  Cutting hearts was a little tricky for some students since it was on a fold and they had to hold the paper folded or else their heart wouldn't be fully cut.  Eventually everyone had success!

Part of our science lesson for February is learning about keeping our bodies healthy.  What better time to learn about having healthy hearts since we were already using heart shapes all around the classroom.  Our lesson began by inspecting a chest x-ray and learning about our ribs, lungs, and heart.  Once we knew that the heart is a muscle (and many students know about lifting weights from their mom or dad) then we realized that we have to exercise for a healthy heart.  To reinforce healthy behaviors, like choosing fruits and vegetables, I brought my juicer to school to use for a Valentine's Day celebration snack.  We juiced up apples, carrots, and oranges.  Most of the students enjoyed the  juices, even those that said they didn't care for carrots.  I was proud of them for trying something new.  

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