Friday, February 21, 2014

Let's roll!

Block play is an important part of play in preschool.  If you're wondering why, here are some examples of all the experiences that block play can provide.  Blocks teach science through experimentation, observation, and cause and effect.  Blocks teach math through concepts like shape, size, geometry, area, and measurement.  Block play teaches language skills as children narrate their building or communicate with others when sharing materials or expanding on ideas together.  Block play also enhances social and emotional skills in children because often there is an element of pretend play accompanying block structures.  If several students are making an airport or a zoo, there is sure to be talk about how to build, where to build, and what to build.  

In order to foster and engage students further in construction and block play, we are lucky to have received a set of Discovery Ramps, from the Kodo Kids company, as a Christmas Wish List gift. 
The set includes wood ramps, wood balls, arches, and tubes.  

Take a look at how PreK is building and expanding on all the skills that I listed above.  

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