Friday, March 14, 2014

Building up! based on the book "Dreaming Up"

For this weeks post I wanted to share a wonderful new book with you.  It's called "Dreaming Up" by Christy Hale.  The book uses illustrations of children constructing with sticks, mud, Legos, and cardboard while the opposite page displays a photograph of a real structure built in a similar style or with similar resources.  It is so cool to see that the things children create can translate to real life buildings from around the world.  Check it out from the library and have fun exploring a whole new world of architecture and construction!

After reading the book and discussing how buildings are made, the class decided that an important start is the foundation.  Other terminology we used were words like structure, skyscraper, base, sturdy, resources, materials, strong, tall, and fragile.  I gave each student an opportunity to choose from resources like toilet paper tubes, styrofoam balls, popsicle sticks, and a few random odds and ends from the classroom.  First they practiced building without glue.  Stacking and balancing came pretty easy to these seasoned builders.  The next day I had glue available and the creations took a different route when the glue didn't always keep pieces together the way the students wanted it to.  With a little modifying though, everyone found success.  

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