Food for thought! 

Healthy growing food means we eat the colors of the rainbow. We discussed red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple fruits and vegetables. We learned that red foods are good for our heart and purple great for our memory. Here we are creating our food collage.

Marble and water works!
Great teamwork and building activity! The children were very fascinated with the water table and decide to combine two activities into one. 

Tube works 
Balls+salt+toilet paper tubes= fun learning! This class loved the concept of being able to manipulate the type and amount of contents that went through the tubes. We tried salt, flour, cornmeal, and a variety of different size balls.

Ripping paper

We celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday by reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books. We ripped red and blue paper to represent the cat in the hat and other characters. We talked about rhyming words and sounds as we created Dr. Seuss collages.