Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If at first you don't succeed...

One of the activities available last week required maturing fine motor skills, a steady hand and perseverance.  The children inserted golf tees into dense foam.  Then they tried to balance glass jewels on the top.  This was not easy.  They would get 3 or 4 jewels balanced, then they would tumble off.  It was a challenge, but the satisfaction they derived from sticking with a difficult task was palpable.

I spy 5!
The children love using our magnifying glasses.  They were available to examine the spores on the underside of some fern fronds, but one enterprising student decided to play an 'I Spy' game with magnetic numbers on the easel.  

We love animals!
Whether they're jungle animals available inside the classroom or farm animals out in the Courtyard, the children enjoy playing with our menagerie.  The boots are a sweet touch. Moo, roar, oink!

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