Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ramps and Tubes

Our class had the opportunity to explore the Kodo Kids ramps and tubes set last week!  

'Discovery Ramps are an incredibly open-ended series of ramps, blocks and balls certain to spark creativity, fun and problem solving! Children will gain an understanding of force and motion through building and experimenting with physics-based concepts such as gravity, mass and slope. The long wood pieces can be propped up on furniture, books, boxes, blocks or any un-leveled surface and are the perfect size for the wooden balls to roll down. Child ingenuity at work!

Rain, rain, please stay!

We finally received much needed rain.  The children splashed in the puddles and dunked their heads under a leaking downspout.  Then, in an attempt to stay moderately dry, they utilized our Duplo building boards like umbrella hats!

Cloud Dough with a twist

When I was gathering the material to make a fresh batch of Cloud Dough, I discovered red beans and corn kernels in our flour bin (leftover from a previous sensory activity).  A few students and I attempted to screen the beans and corn out, but this created such a flour storm, that I decided to use the 'enhanced' material.  We added oil and enjoyed Cloud Dough version 2.0!

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