Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Block Construction

The children have been focused on block play recently.  I found a wonderful book at the library, Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins, and shared it with the children.  There are no words, but each page depicts unit blocks arranged, then re-arranged into different structures...first a house, then a fire engine etc., until the end, when the blocks are arranged back into a house.  One of the students decided to replicate one of the structures.  Nice job, don't you think! 

The students have been building vertically with lots of symmetry, but decided that they wanted to build a pirate ship that they all could ride in.  We discussed various ways to achieve this goal, and they concluded that they could build a low enclosure for the ship.  The first ship was not quite big enough for everyone, so they added a neighbor ship.  As the shipmates sat on the decks, they were serenaded (at the top of their lungs) by three vocalists who also played percussion to the Frozen soundtrack.  

Hats for sale

Hats were available in the Courtyard this week.  These props prompted police play, 'you're under arrest and have to go to jail!' as well as family play, with babies and big brothers.  

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